Please be aware that the rules below apply to any means of communication between players on the Plixel network - including but not limited to: in-game chat, signs, item names, entity names and player names.

  • You must be over the age of thirteen (13) to play on our server
  • Don't excessively swear or deliberately say things to make others uncomfortable
  • Only communicate in English so that we can effectively moderate the server in order to keep it safe
  • Discriminatory language, harassment or hate speech won't be tolerated - report this to a staff member
  • Don't try to spam messages or bypass the chat filter
  • Inappropriate or adult discussion/material is strictly forbidden
  • We ask that you don't attempt to e-date or look for relationships on this server
  • Don't send copypastas or engage in message chains
  • Advertising links or Discord servers outside of Plixel isn't allowed and will result in a mute if continually attempted - unknown links present a security risk
  • Threats of (D)DoSing, doxing or leaking others' personal information will result in a permanent ban
  • Encouraging rule-breaking is an offence

In general, cheating or the use of any modification that provides you with an unfair advantage is not allowed on Plixel. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Don't deliberately exploit bugs or glitches that you find on the server and that may give you an unfair advantage, regardless of whether they're built into "vanilla" Minecraft or not
  • Hacked clients, autoclickers and macros are all examples of modifications that are not allowed, and will result in a ban
  • Cross-teaming, team griefing/trolling or deliberately attempting to prolong a game is not allowed
  • Stats boosting, evading punishments such as competitive blacklists or encouraging the breaking of any of these rules is not allowed
  • Selling items of in-game value or Minecraft accounts for real-world money is prohibited and violate's Mojang's EULA

This could be for a number of reasons, including ones such as:

  • Breaking any of the above rules, or acting in a way that we deem to be a threat to the server and its community
  • Irregular activity on your account, such as spambot-like behaviour which may suggest your account has been compromised (see: What to do if my account has been compromised?)
  • Sharing an account with or interacting with someone who has been banned - you are responsible for what happens on your account and we do not unban players for claiming that "someone else was on my computer at the time"
  • Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy that may be used by other players who are banned

If you wish to appeal a ban, blacklist or punishment, please join our Discord server and open a support ticket. Please note that bans are often non-negotiable and lying in an attempt to justify the reason for your punishment will only result in further sanctions.